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Online Course Catalog

Master AI. Empower Business. Excel with Edge

Discover our comprehensive range of courses designed to empower business owners with the knowledge and skills to leverage AI tools like ChatGPT effectively. From ChatGPT training to AI applications for businesses, our courses deliver actionable insights to drive success in the AI-driven world.


Sharpen Your Edge

A free, eye-opening demonstration of how powerful ChatGPT and other AI tools can be for business owners.  Start your business transformation today!


Practical ChatGPT Skills for Business Owners

An intermediate, in-depth course delivering hands-on training and practical prompt engineering skills to address complex business challenges


AI Adoption and Change Management for Leaders

Your business will transform with ChatGPT if you maximize its potential, but change isn't easy. Develop high EQ skills to support and empower your team's growth.


Sales Boost with ChatGPT

Utilize ChatGPT to revolutionize sales strategies and enhance customer engagement for increased conversions.


ChatGPT is Your Marketing Genius

Unleash the power of ChatGPT to optimize marketing campaigns, drive personalization, and boost customer acquisition.


Automate Financial Insights with ChatGPT

Leverage ChatGPT to analyze data, automate financial processes, and gain valuable insights for informed decision-making.


Operational Excellence and Efficiency with ChatGPT

Harness ChatGPT to streamline operations, automate workflows, and improve overall business efficiency to save costs and time.


AI-Powered, Customized Customer Support

Transform customer support with ChatGPT-powered chatbots, delivering personalized and efficient solutions.


Supercharge HR with ChatGPT

Discover how ChatGPT empowers HR professionals to automate processes, enhance recruitment, and foster employee engagement.

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