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Responsible AI Training for Business

Non-technical, personalized generative AI training for business people


Empowering the next generation of leaders

Delivering world-class AI and ChatGPT training to small and medium sized businesses.  We aim to support ethical adoption and deployment of AI to help our clients better serve their customers and compete in a digital marketplace.

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Each learning module contains real-world examples based on each user's workflow

Online ChatGPT Courses

Customized for every member of your team


Practical ChatGPT Skills for Business

An introduction to how ChatGPT can revolutionize your business by saving costs and growing sales

Unleashing the Power of LLMs and ChatGPT for every team member in small and medium sized businsses. Discover how these AI-driven tools can revolutionize your business, saving time, money, and enhancing work-life balance. Real-life examples bring their transformative potential to life.


Learning & Development has never been more personalized

We leverage proprietary technology to deliver libraries of customized, job-specific learning modules based on each users prior knowledge/experience, job function, location, desired skills, personal interests and more.

The primary reason why corporate training and learning programs fail is because the material is not relevant to the individual user.  We have overcome this challenge and our clients see incredible results from Day #1!


Job-specific training based on your own company's data

A training program has never been more relevant or job-specific to each user because we can securely ingest all of your company's structured and unstructured data to create customized learning modules.

With proprietary, world-class security and data privacy protocols backed by Amazon Web Service's industry-leading platform, we are able to leverage current and past data to create hyper-relevant training modules that translate into real business impacts, immediately!

Consulting Solutions

We Plan, We Build,
We Deliver

We offer a comprehensive array of consulting services, from the custom build out of resources and manuals, staff training, process design and implementation, on-going model updates and refinement and more!

Your Path to Success


Practical ChatGPT Skills for Business

This free course will open your eyes to the power of AI and ChatGPT and inspire you and your team to take it to the next level!  Watch multi-faceted business problems solved live in just minutes, not hours or days.


Connect with a Learning Consultant

Our Learning Consultants will answer any questions you have and begin to help you visualize what a customized, 6-month learning path would look like for your team.  


Determine which learning resources best fit your team

Discuss the advantages and trade-offs between our various content formats including:  self-paced modules, pre-recorded classroom teach-ins, team/group webinars, 1on1 coaching, group projects, case studies, "teach to learn" projects and more.

All of the content we deliver is "snackable", around 20 minutes in length, to ensure we achieve maximum engagement, retention, and ultimately, usage and adoption!


Develop custom Generative AI based on your company's data

Once your team has developed sufficient ethical, responsible skills with Generative AI, we provide the option to build a private Large Language Model and train it on your own company's current and historic data.

Never before has there been a more powerful tool that was purpose-built specifically for your business!


Royal Navy Yachtmaster - Coaching

Massive lead generation has transformed my business!

"After completing the first two courses I was able to reduce my workload by over 30% while improving the quality and effectiveness of my work.  Total game changer - a must-do for any business owner!"

Scripps Green Hospital - Retail

Most powerful tool I have ever used!

"It is amazing how powerful ChatGPT is and how much it has helped my business.  I was even able to train my staff to use it and we save hundreds of hours a month and our reporting is more current and accurate!"

"After learning about how to use ChatGPT for customer support we have been able to engage with our small business members in a more meaningful way!  We expect to use insights from current memberships to grow revenue by over 40% next year!"

Membership engagement and insights drive revenue growth

Encinitas 101 - Non profit

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