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Responsible AI Training for Business

Personalized, interactive generative AI training for business in every industry


Empower your business with personalized AI expertise!

At EdgeUniversity, we're dedicated to transforming the way businesses interact with AI!


Our approach is unique — we don't just offer AI education and training; we provide an immersive, personalized learning experience tailored to meet the specific needs of both employers and employees.


Our expertly designed programs focus intensively on harnessing the full potential of AI to boost productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Essential Skills.  Instant Credibility.

Gain Recognition for AI Skills and Knowledge

Our clients receive certificates and other forms of recognition to certify that they have completed our comprehensive, industry-leading AI skills development training.  Level up your career with Edge University!

Your Path to Success


Join our Responsible AI For Business Newsletter --

Finger on the Pulse!

New subscribers get a copy of our "60 Time-Saving ChatGPT Prompts for Business -- a $100 value -- for FREE!

Our newsletter is unique in that it is committed to being useful, never salesy!  Stay up-to-date on Responsible AI news and research for business along with helpful tips, tricks and productivity hacks for business people!


Customized AI training for you and your team

Our Learning Consultants will answer any questions you have and begin to help you visualize what a customized, 30, 60 or 90 day learning path would look like for your team.  


Determine which learning resources best fit your team

Discuss the advantages and trade-offs between our various content formats including:  self-paced modules, pre-recorded classroom teach-ins, team/group webinars, 1on1 coaching, group projects, case studies, "teach to learn" projects and more.

All of the content we deliver is "snackable", around 20 minutes in length, to ensure we achieve maximum engagement, retention, and ultimately, usage and adoption!


Develop custom Generative AI based on your company's data

Once your team has developed sufficient ethical, responsible skills with Generative AI, we provide the option to build a private Large Language Model and train it on your own company's current and historic data.

Never before has there been a more powerful tool that was purpose-built specifically for your business!


Royal Navy Yachtmaster - Coaching

Massive lead generation has transformed my business!

"After completing the first two courses I was able to reduce my workload by over 30% while improving the quality and effectiveness of my work.  Total game changer - a must-do for any business owner!"

Scripps Green Hospital - Retail

Most powerful tool I have ever used!

"It is amazing how powerful ChatGPT is and how much it has helped my business.  I was even able to train my staff to use it and we save hundreds of hours a month and our reporting is more current and accurate!"

"After learning about how to use ChatGPT for customer support we have been able to engage with our small business members in a more meaningful way!  We expect to use insights from current memberships to grow revenue by over 40% next year!"

Membership engagement and insights drive revenue growth

Encinitas 101 - Non profit

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